Ski touring
Ski touring

Ski touring

This winter Pra Loup brings out the ski skins



Safety rules

Rules to follow before using the ski touring routes:

  • Routes are only accessible during the opening hours of the ski area
  • Choose your routes according to your level and your shape of the day
  • Use suitable equipment
  • Master the techniques specific to ski touring
  • Stay on the trail, follow the markers
  • When the route runs alongside ski slopes, keep to the right
  • Do not ski downhill, use the ski slopes
  • In case of an accident, call the piste service on 04 92 84 11 54 or 112

Pedestrian passes 2021 / 2022

To gain altitude you can start your ascent at the arrival of the following lifts: Télémix de la Clappe (Alpine route) and Télécabine de Costebelle (Elite route).

Single rate
1 return ticket 5,50€
10 return tickets 50€
Winter season 99€

Hands-free support mandatory (€2) sold at the first purchase, reloadable for subsequent purchases.

Ski touring instructors

Where to rent your ski touring equipment?