Ski à Pra Loup © UT-Brendan Le Peru
Ski à Pra Loup © UT-Brendan Le Peru

Full day ski passes

Enjoy the great outdoors ! Take advantage of the 180 km of slopes of the Espace Lumière ski area.

Rates 3h Full day
Adult 40€ 45€
Junior 34€ 38€
Student / Senior 38,50€ 41,50€

Rates Full day
Adult 36€
Junior 30,40€
Student / Senior 33,20€


Are you a beginner or want to improve? Whichever the case, the "petit domaine" ski pass has been especially designed for you. Access to 30km of slopes for all abilities and 3 fun areas.

All the info about the "petit domaine" pass


Single rate full day pass

The "front of slopes" pass gives access to the 3 beginners' magic carpets : Clapiers and Sorbiers to Pra Loup 1600 and Clos du Serre magic carpet accessible by the Molanès cable car.

Hands-free support mandatory (€3) sold at the first purchase, reloadable for subsequent purchases.

Adult : 18-64 years old, Junior : 5-17 years old, Senior : 65-74 years old, Student : 18-25 years old Proof of age will be required for the edition of any discounted pass (student card, proof of age), Veteran 75 years old and +, Baby under 5 years old : free.

Family Pack : Ski with your family, everyone benefits from the junior rate ! Simultaneous purchase of 4 minimum passes of the same duration.
Composition: 1 adult/senior minimum + 3 juniors/students and more; 2 adults/seniors maximum + 2 juniors/students and more