Grande Séolane
Grande Séolane

Pra Loup

Pra Loup, a mountain resort in the Southern Alps, welcomes you at 1,600 m in altitude, at the entrance to the Mercantour National Park.
L'été en montagne

Summer in the mountains


Want to enjoy the great outdoors, the sun and the pure air of the mountain ? Then Pra Loup Resort is for you ! All summer, its privileged location in the heart of the Southern Alps ensures favourable weather.

It is the ideal destination for an à la carte holiday with sport, stunning landscapes, rest and relaxation to meet all your desires ! The ski lifts will enable you to reach the summits effortlessly.

You can't get enough ? The Ubaye Valley has a host of activities on offer like swimming, white-water rafting, aerial sports, cultural visits – there is something for everyone.

One thing is certain, your stay will measure up !

And no need to take the car once there. Free shuttles allow you to reach Pra Loup and all the towns in the valley easily.


Lac de Costebelle
Randonnée à Pra Loup
Coucher de soleil à Praloup

According to your desires


Pra Loup in summer is a fantastic playground for novice or experienced athletes. Walking, running, cycling... it's up to you to find the challenge that suits you.

Discover exceptional panoramic views and observe animals on the 14 hiking routes.

Pra Loup is one of the must-visit resorts for thrill seekers thanks to its bike park. Whether you are looking for technicality or speed, the 7 downhill trails ensure memorable runs.

Visiting with your family

Here, everything is done so that your little ones enjoy an unforgettable stay. Many activities and entertainment suitable for children are offered. They won't have time to get bored.

And for hiking? Everything is done so that young and old can share great moments: waymarked trails suitable for all and treasure hunts to do with your tribe.

So that your future champions can discover their first sensations of mountain biking, we have reserved several free access fun areas for an introduction to biking safely.

And to ride with your family, our specialised instructors are there for learning adapted to your own pace.


Sport yes, but not only that... Pra Loup invites all lovers of relaxation, nature and wide-open spaces to recharge their batteries.

A moment of relaxation in a spa, a walk in magical landscapes easily accessible with ski lifts – there is no shortage of activities to help you disconnect from everyday life.

What if happiness was simply sitting on a terrace and having a drink in a picture-postcard setting?