Itinéraires cyclistes
Itinéraires cyclistes

Cycling routes

La Bonette, Allos, Cayolle, Vars, Pontis, Saint-Jean, Serre-Ponçon – the legendary passes and cycling routes of the Ubaye Valley.

The cols

Seven in number, the mountain passes surround the Ubaye valley and make it unique, all renowned following the many passages of the Tour de France. Different profiles, more or less demanding, from Lake Serre-Ponçon to the Haute Vallée de l'Ubaye, it could well be that they give you a hard time! The breathtaking landscapes and views that will be offered to you will reward your efforts.

Borne cyclisme


During your climbs mountain pass cycling milestones will provide you with valuable information about your route:    Road number

  • Altitude at the milestone
  • The remaining distance to the top
  • The gradient of the next kilometre

Brevet des 7 cols

Want a challenge at your level ?

To become a member of the non-exclusive "Brevet des 7 Cols" (7 passes certificate) club, all you have to do is climb the seven impressive mountain passes of the Ubaye Valley, at your own pace.

Le Brevet des 7 cols

Cyclisme Col de la Bonette
Cyclisme Col d'Allos
Cyclisme Col de Vars
Cyclisme Col Saint-Jean

Cycling routes

All cyclists will find their happiness here with the difficult climbs and gentle stages – 4,000 km of circuits await you.