Raquettes à Pra Loup © Ubaye Tourisme
Raquettes à Pra Loup © Ubaye Tourisme

Pedestrian and snowshoe passes

Enjoy the peaks with ease !

Ski lifts

Easy access

  • To the 15 km of snowshoeing routes at altitude
  • To 3 altitude restaurants
  • To the viewpoints and panoramas of the Ubaye Valley

Pedestrian and snowshoe passes

Single rate
1 return ticket 5,50€
10 returns ticket 50€
Winter season 106€

Hands-free support mandatory (€2) sold at the first purchase, reloadable for subsequent purchases.

The pedestrian pass gives you access to the Costebelle cable car and the La Clappe telemix in Pra Loup 1600 and the Molanès cable car in Pra Loup 1500.

Buying my pass



Where to buy your pass ?

The altitude restaurants accessible on snowshoes