• Snowshoeing routes

The Nature of Pra Loup

A preserved environment between forests and pastures.

In a protected area, between forests and pastures, discover the secret life of the mountain world, its fauna and flora.

Enjoy a hike to live a relaxing time with family and enjoy the beautiful views of the Ubaye Valley.

Discover the winter / summer ungroomed waymarked routes that bring back the spirit of this friendly mountain activity.

The routes


An easy route to travel with your family.
It explains all the differences between the south-facing slope and the north-facing slope of the Ubaye Valley.
Wildlife and different species of the forest will have no secret for you.
Take a break and enjoy the panorama on the picnic area.



Through geology and landscape study you will discover the formation of Ubaye Valley’s mountains.
Dive into a tumultuous and very distant past.



Share and discover the life of the shepherds while walking on this little difficult route.
Enjoy the best views while taking a break on one of the picnic areas.


Fauna & Flora

Do not miss this 3-hour route if you like nature, wide open spaces and breathtaking views.


Snow & Forest

The mountain will reveal its treasures.
Along this route you will learn that this balance is fragile and changes with the seasons and weather conditions.
You will understand why and how avalanches occur.


A pedestrian pass is compulsory to go to these routes.

Pocket map

All practical information about the routes.


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You are responsible for your safety. Be careful and follow the safety rules.
Please respect the delicate environment and take back your trash.